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I am endorsing Mike Carey for County Council.  I have found Mike to have high integrity and holds strong to good conservative values.  Mike has demonstrated over the years that, with his conviction, he values the strong relationships with family and believes in service to the community.

Mike has shown that he knows how to work with big government in reducing and cutting costs; truly understanding the value that even one additional dollar taken puts further pressure on our citizens.  

Vote with me for your next county council member, Mike Carey.



— Sheldon Stewart
Salt Lake County Council - District 5

Mike represents a breath of fresh air for Salt Lake County. He has a no-nonsense style combined with tenacity and common sense. 

I was impressed how well he knows the issues and can get to the heart of what matters. A true conservative, both fiscally, and socially, Mike will vote on the county council like most Republicans would vote. 

I appreciate his extensive private sector experience and willingness to look at the county with a new approach.




— Dave Alvord
Salt Lake County Council - District 2

Mike is needed on the Salt Lake County Council. He understands proper government and the importance of keeping government within its jurisdiction. I know that he will be a powerful force for good in helping make Salt Lake County fiscally responsible because he is already doing it by inviting good employers to job fairs throughout the County and teaching common sense principles about government fiscal liability. It's been a privilege to get to know Mike the last couple months by participating in a Constitution class with him. He listens; he answers questions directly; and he possesses an impressive knowledge about the position he is campaigning for. His conservative values and life experience are needed in government. My vote is 100% for Mike Carey.



— Quinn Kotter
Former Utah State House of Representatives

County Party

As a Senate District Chair I am an ex officio delegate for both the county and state. I have met with Mike Carey and have discussed issues within the county, state and country. While Mike is focused on our county he recognizes how the decisions at the county level play a major part in our lives. His background in large construction projects and the handling of contract negotiations and the coordination of the teams is critical for our county. I am also an Impact Council team leader for the Utah Citizens for the Constitution. As a concerned citizen for the rule of law and the importance of keeping to the foundation of our country I have recognized how Mike believes and will work to keep our values and the constitutional structure for our county and country. I urge you to study all aspects of the candidates what they believe, what they plan to do, what they have accomplished, there history and background and where their donations have come from. I know you will come to the same conclusion I have that Mike Carey is the best candidate in this race and will do the best for our county.  — Mark Furlong
Senate District Chair
Mike is awesome. He understands the issues, knows the county players, understands the value of money, and understands maintaining budgets. Most of all, Mike is a man of integrity, unlike his opponent who openly lied during the debate. Mike has my whole-hearted endorsement. Go Mike! — Tim Boggess
Engineer, County Delegate
I appreciate Mike’s common sense approach to county issues and feel confident he is an excellent candidate for Salt Lake County Council. I appreciate that he has not played divisive politics with his opponent and has stuck to the issues. I proudly endorse Mike Carey. — Jennifer Scheffner
Counselor and County Delegate

Everyday People Like You

Love that Mike got into the race because he saw the need! The GOP party did not groom him for this position as they did his opponent. His construction management background paves the way for much needed insight into financial decisions council members must make. He is trained to NOT waste money!! — Laurie Karlik
Interior Designer, Cottonwood Heights
My wife and I met Mike and Jen at our Caucus meeting two years ago. After talking with them for just a few minutes, we both realized we had a couple in our caucus that would help keep true conservative values as a focus in our neighborhood. Mike and his family had moved here from back East and wanted Utah to be the home for their family. Mike has stepped up as a leader in our neighborhood using his skills from business to help point the direction we should all be looking so that we can help bring conservative and wise budgeting and governing back to our county and communities. He understands the need to prioritize projects according to the real needs of the county and determine if there is a real need for projects that are being pushed as agendas instead of need by our county or its residents. Too often we end up spending too much money on necessary projects but projects that have been let run out of control instead of managing them properly from the inception of an idea through the final finish of it. A strong businessman like Mike, with experience of taking projects to the end by following strong plans and not letting it get out of control is what Mike has been doing for decades in his work. We need people like Mike that understand keeping things under control and keeping things on budget. A budget that does not make the future of our children and grandchildren painful! Vote Mike Carey for Salt Lake County Council, At-Large. He will protect our future! — Howard Norton
President/CEO Trailer Rental Company & Trailer Sales Company


Mike Carey for Salt Lake County Council
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